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Mount your equipment on the back of your van. You can mount the Cargo Box onto the rack and store and lock your items safely inside. When using the box there is an extra side step option to mount on the Cargo Ladder behind the Cargo Box to still easily climb on top of the roof. The add-ons for the rack can be changed during the seasons and trips depending on the needs. The Cargo Frame can be mounted above the Cargo Box onto the Cargo Ladder to carry bikes, ski gear, more storage boxes, or whatever gear is needed to make your van ready for your next adventure.

270-degree doors: You will need to replace the 270-degree hinges with 180-degree hinges. The Cargo Ladder is attached to the hinges and mounted on the door.

180-degree doors: The Cargo Ladder is attached to the hinges and connected to the door.

Two holes need to be drilled in the chassis to mount the Cargo Ladder on the van. The connection of the Cargo Ladder to the sheet metal is positioned behind one of the mounting plates of the Cargo Ladder for a sleek design.

  • Only available for right side door (left license plate)
  • Durable black powder-coat
  • CNC-bend tubing
  • TIG-welded aluminium
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Product weight 12,5 KG
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