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The Half Moon Steps are made for the front side of the Mercedes Sprinter models 2006 until the latest models. These steps seamlessly complement HYMER models equipped with an electric step on the sliding door.

Tailoring to various lengths of Mercedes Sprinters, including ML-T and Venture S Models Campers, the Half Moon Steps cater to both left and right-hand drive vans.

The set comes in a pair for the right and left side.

The steps are mounted with steel brackets extending to the frame rail and the side sills. Each side includes 2 installation brackets. The installation is done with blind rivet nuts. This combination ensures a strong structure.

Offering a range of customization possibilities, our Steps are designed with versatility in mind. You can adjust them with an overhang position of 20mm on each side, providing flexibility for an optimal visual alignment with your van’s tires. The generously sized openings in the steps allow mud and snow to pass through effortlessly, ensuring a steady grip. Engineered to minimize ground clearance impact, these steps are crafted to deliver the ultimate off-road experience.

  • CNC-bend tubing
  • Aluminum step and tubes and steel brackets to the frame
  • Includes Side Steps, vehicle attachment brackets, mounting materials, and manual.
  • Installation requires the installment of rivet nuts.


Will this also fit on 2WD vans?

Yes, however, a 2″ lift would be recommended, due to ground clearance off-road.

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